DP-2200 plus

Features :

ergonomic design

Easy to operate, less fatigue for long time scanning

Back light  Silicon control panel, suitable for dark room operation

8-segment TGC control, assure delicate image adjustment

Multi-frequency transducer series, fulfill different applications

frequency from 2  to 10 MHz

10 inches non-interlaced monitor

transferring and printing, Built-in Flash, External USB-Memory stick Built-in

Transducer Socket : 1 Or 2 Socket 


128-frame cine loop memory

90 permanent image storage capacity

IP (Image Processing) function


Probes Used on the machine:   

Convex Probe

Trans-vaginal Probe

Linear Probe

Micro-Convex Probe

Biplane Probe


Two Transducers Connectors

Needle-guided brackets

Di com 3.0

foot switch 

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