Echo Z one Pro

Superb imaging capabilities with award winning technology

Equipped with patented, software based ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST), the Z.One PRO provides optimally detailed B-mode and Doppler imaging for patients, regardless of body habitus, helping assure a reliable diagnosis.

Throughout a wide range of applications, the Z.One PRO is the ultrasound solution for your demanding clinical challenges.

Key Features

· Unsurpassed image quality across all applications
· Dual technology transducers
· Optional SP keyboard with 30% fewer buttons
· CW Doppler with auxiliary transducers
· One-touch easy optimization
· CEUS supported on abdominal transducers

· Customizable worksheets, calculations and workflow
· Seamless wireless access (WIFI)
· Lightweight, portable, and durable cart
· Long-life battery pack
· Barcode reader for seamless workflow


The Z.One PRO is powered by ZONE Sonography Technology, an innovative and proprietary image formation architecture that acquires and processes acoustic data up to ten times faster than conventional beamforming methods.

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Ergonomic Features

· Light weight mobile cart
· Small footprint
· Three transducer connector ports
· Automatic image optimization
· Height adjustable console
· Adjustable 17” monitor


Living Technology

ZONE Sonography Technology is a constantly evolving, software-based technology, or a “Living Technology”. Living Technology is the ZST approach to providing customers with easily upgradable ultrasound enhancements based on its unique and proprietary ZONE Sonography Technology. These upgrades secure product investment protection by ensuring that ZST platforms remain at the cutting-edge of imaging performance excellence throughout the system’s entire life cycle.

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