DP-5, the Ultimate Master, which deeply reflects our sustained efforts and remarkable achievements in developing B/W ultrasound system.


High resolution,wide angle 15’’ LCD

Compact and streamlined shape

User friendly keyborad and controls

Light weight probes of wide range of broadband

iTouch™ Auto Optimization

Optimizes the uniformity and dynamic range with just one button

.  iZoom™

Instant Full Screen Viewing

. Quick Save

Image transfer to local or directly to USB with one push

. iStation™

integrates patient data storage,achriving,review and retrieval efficiently

Application Specific Calculations:

Dedicated Software Package:

Abdominal, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Cardiac, Small parts, Urological, Vascular (including IMT Study), Orthopedics, Nerve and Emergency package

Intelligent Workflow/Storage/Review:


- Intelligent patient data management platform with integrated search engine for patient data

- Intelligent data backup/ restore

- 320G integrated hard disk for Storage

- Build-in DVD-R/W

User Interface:

- Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard with LED Backlight

- Multi-function Knobs

- Trackball for easy operation and navigation

- Ergonomic Soft Key Operations

- 8 Segment TGC

Standard Configuration:

- 15-inch LCD monitor

- Control Panel

- Handle

- Phase Shift harmonic imaging

- Trapezoid imaging

- Slant scanning for linear probes (B Steer)

- iBeam™

- iTouch™

- ExFOV Imaging for Convex Probe

- iStation™

- 320G integrated hard disk

- I/O Interfaces


- IMT (Auto Calculation of Intima-Media Thickness)

- DICOM basic

- DICOM Worklist

- iClear™

- Battery

- Needle-guided brackets

- Footswitch:


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