Z One Pro

Unique Specs:

ZST Technology ( Zone Songraprher Technology )

Excellent Penetration

Super B Image uniformity

Focus free

Unique Sound Speed Compensation ( ssc )

machine genrates less noise and heat

minimal decrease in 2D and color on triplex mode

Continuous uninterrupted cine recording

post freezing gain optimization

easy volume flow calculation

Opt-quick touch to auto adjust 2D gain

Spatial Compound Spatial Harmonics

Standard Configuration

Z-One pro main unit

Screen: 17” LCD 

3 active transducers Ports

4 USB ports

120 GB solid state Drive

integrated brightness and contrast controls with on-screen feedback

3D/4D Imaging

CW Doppler

Auto-Opt With ZST

Acoustic Zoom

Display Zoom

2 gel holder


TDI ( Tissue Doppler Imaging )



Parcode Reader

foot switch

Probes Used on the machine  

Convex Probe 

Endocavity  probe ( 2 Types )                          

Linear array probe ( 4 Types )

Curved Phased array Probe ( 2 Types )

Curved array probe ( 3 Types )

4D  probe

TEE Phased Array Probe

CW probe

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