DC-80 A

DC-80 A   

Insight, Intelligence, and more






eXceptional intelligence

Intelligence throughout entire workflow

DC-80A with X-Insight provides exceptional intelligent solution for whole women healthcare, from fertility to prenatal screening and postpartum healthcare.

Smart Planes CNS
Based on AI technology and deep learning of more than 8000 fetal CNS cases, Smart Planes CNS is industry’s most intelligent tool for fully automatic and accurate detection of most significant planes and frequently-used measurements of fetal CNS, leading to an intelligent diagnosis, improved throughput and reduced user dependency.
Smart Planes FH
With extremely simple user-interaction of defining one point, it allows fully automatic and accurate detection of the six most important fetal cardiac planes. In addition, it helps standardize the orientation of the fetal heart images, and therefore improving the efficiency and effectiveness of fetal heart diagnosis.
Smart Pelvic
Realizing the increasing importance of ultrasound diagnosis on pelvic floor disorders, DC-80A with X-Insight provides a new solution to greatly simplify the operation procedures, and to minimize the exam time for a standardized evaluation on pelvic floor. With extremely simple user-interaction, it generates a standard coordinate system and automatically provides all related measurements within a few seconds.
4D Hycosy (Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography)
A simple and well-tolerated ultrasound procedure used to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes, as well as detect abnormalities of the uterus and endometrium.
Smart FLC
Automatically detect the number and calculate the volume of follicles from a 3D volume image. Accurate assessment of the size of follicles Follicles are automatically sorted by sizes with color code Easy reporting with colorful graphic designed for follicle study
Smart Face
Smart Face provides a fast and intelligent optimization for fetal face with simply one-touch operation. It immediately removes occlusions, such ascord, placenta, uterus and extremities, in the volume data and eliminates unwanted noise information, so finally generates an optimal view of the fetal face with more simplicity.
Smart OB
Auto measurement of fetal parameters: trace and calculate the BPD, OFD, HC, AC, HUM and FL on a single click.
Smart NT
Auto-trace tube cavity edge with measurement result.

eXceeding Experience

Experience with high productivity

Exceeding experience in scanning results in more patient focus for high quality exams in both clarity and ease of use. The X-Insight provides outstanding ease of use with better ergonomics, easier scanning, and flexible management, even beyond your expectations.

 Flexible and Unlimited

 Dual-Wing Floating Arm for extremely flexibility and minimum body height

 5 active transducer sockets for less plug in and out

2 Clear and Detailed

 23.8’’ Full HD monitor

 13.3’’ Ultra-Slim touch screen with angle adjustment

3 Intuitive and Agile

 Powerful touch gesture based workflow

 MedSight App with more interaction and convenience





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