Nuewa I9

Nuewa I9


Innovation, in Every Facet

The Nuewa I9, dedicatedly designed for women and neonatal healthcare, providing an innovative experience from inside out. These innovations are developed based on in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios, providing accurate and timely answers as well as outstanding efficiency and remarkable user experience.



Immersive experience and intuitive interaction
• 23.8'' bezel-less full-screen with more information provided
• 15.6'' full-HD touch screen with powerful gesture operation
• Simultaneous dual screen display for both doctors and moms

Full-stack Solution Powered by ZST +

The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data based processing. It overcomes the traditional trade-off limitation among spatial resolution, temporal resolution and tissue uniformity, delivering exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements.


Nuewa I9 provides full-stack smart solution for extraordinarily efficient women and neonatal care. It covers the continuum from pre-pregnancy, obstetrics to post-partum. The whole exam procedure becomes an automated workflow: it starts by identifying the automatic clinical application scenario, and uses automation at every exam point, such as imaging optimization, plane acquisition, and quantification.


Clinical Scenario-based Innovation with Smart Scene 3D


The innovative Smart Scene 3D is a smart scenario-oriented volume scan technique. By combining advanced algorithms with domain knowledge, it automatically enables the identification of tissue characteristics and provides an organ-specific diagnostic tool with smart features throughout the whole exam procedure from imaging optimization, plane acquisition, to quantification.







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